Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

Soft Bristles Best for Sensitive Gums / Charcoal /Vegan I Natural Wood / Recyclable / Compostable / Biodegradable / Environmentally Friendly


Best alternative to plastic. You can help the environment by switching to bamboo, product is sustainable, vegan and 100% bio degradable. Feel better using a Bamboo Toothbrush and prevent millions of plastic toothbrushes from ending up in the Oceans. 100% RECYCLED BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING

ECO-FRIENDLY & ZERO WASTE – Our eco-friendly toothbrushes are made from sustainably sourced materials that are soft & springy to use, so you won’t damage your gums with harsh brushing. Our charcoal mint dental floss cleans hard-to-reach areas of the mouth to maintain healthy gums. And the bamboo charcoal fiber bristle helps to remove stains from teeth and keep them sparkling and white.


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black, blue


L, S

Charging Time

1.1 hours




65Hz – 25kHz


VAC 220V