Do you know that your mouthwash has many other uses that have nothing to do with your mouth? Yes! It does more than what you can imagine! Who would know that it can improve daily living?

So, sit back and relax as I bring you the incredible mouthwash hacks that will surely brighten up your day. This might be your long-awaited solution to your day-to-day difficulties. Let us see what mouthwash can do for your face, feet, hair and scalp, body, gadgets, home, pets, and garden or flower business.


Acne Treatment

Mouthwash is an antibacterial product. It is a germ-killing agent that can fight your acne and other bad skin conditions. Just dab a small amount in a cotton ball and tap it in the infected areas. It dries out and keeps them from coming back.


Toenail Fungus Killer

If you are bothered with the fungus on your feet, specifically around your toenails, soak your feet in warm water and mouthwash. Never let your feet look horrible. It will clear up in no time.

Foot Deodorant

Soak your feet in warm water with a few drops of mouthwash for 30 minutes. It will kill the odor-causing bacteria in your feet.

Dry Heels Treatment 

Mouthwash and warm water can restore dry heels caused by the dead skin on your feet. Soak your feet for 20-30 minutes to achieve softer feet.

Athlete’s Foot Eliminator

Put mouthwash and vinegar in your tub of warm water. Soak your feet for 30 minutes. It will eliminate the itchy athlete’s foot away. Then wash your feet with soap and water.


Armpit Deodorant

Do you worry about the sour and foul smell on your armpits? Worry no more. Mouthwash is your go-to savior. Rub a little on your underarms. It will give you a clean and confident feeling leaving your underarms cool and fresh.

Insect Bites Soother

To ease and soothe insect bites quickly, dab mouthwash onto cotton and press it on your skin. The itching will be relieved in no time.

Sting Reliever

Stings from bees hurt. Fortunately, mouthwash can relieve the pain. It will help to numb the affected area. It gives instant relief.

Bruises Healer

Do you know that mouthwash can increase your blood flow when you dab some amount in a cotton ball and press it into your bruises? Your bruises will heal faster.

Perfume Substitute

No cologne or perfume? Then, try your mouthwash. Its smell is impressive! You will have a fresh and cool scent.

Piercing and Wound Infection Prevention

Get cotton and dab a small amount of your antibacterial mouthwash. Press it on your new body piercings or wounds. It helps to avoid infection.

Itchiness and Skin Irritation Treatment

If you are suffering from tingling and burning itch, do not prolong your anguish. Immediately apply mouthwash on the affected area.

Strong Odor in Your Hands Eliminator

If you love preparing meals, the tough smell of the garlic will remain in your hands. You can get rid of it by washing your hands with mouthwash.


Dandruff Remover

Say goodbye to your nasty dandruff by including mouthwash in your hair and scalp care. Pour some amount into your hand and gently massage it into your scalp before shampooing your hair.

Lice Remover

Stop lice before they grow and spread out. Use mouthwash on your hair by soaking it for 1-2 hours. Cover it with a shower cap. Then, shampoo your hair afterward. Your mouthwash can clear up your lice.


LCD Screen Cleaner

Be hygienic in terms of your gadgets. Maintain the cleanliness of your phone, iPad, laptop, and TV screens by wiping them with a soft cloth with an amount of mouthwash. Wipe your gadgets’ screen and case until they become clean.


Appliances and Wall Décor Cleaner

Maintain the shine of your wall decors and appliances by polishing them with mouthwash. Dampen the cloth and wipe all the wall decors and appliances until they sparkle like precious stones!

Glass Window Stain Remover

Do you know that your mouthwash is a perfect stain remover? It perfectly polishes your glass windows. Mouthwash will leave them clear and shiny.

Kitchen Cleaner

Molds and germs are unavoidable in the kitchen. But your quiet and humble mouthwash can clear them all. Put mouthwash on your sponge and wipe it around your kitchen.

Toilet And Bathroom Sanitizer

Are you worried about billions of invisible bacteria in your toilet? Never worry anymore. Use mouthwash to sanitize the toilet seat. Wipe the walls, mirrors, sinks, countertops, and everything in the comfort room with mouthwash. It does not only disinfect. It also fights the foul smell.

Floor Cleaner

If you wonder how your tiles or floor could look sparkly amazing, scrub and mop it using mouthwash. It gives an incredible shine that will make your home perfectly pleasing.

Washing Machine Cleaner

Mix a cup of mouthwash with your laundry detergent before starting your laundry. Pour it into your washing machine’s detergent dispenser. Put the washing machine on. The mouthwash will clean the washing machine as well as eliminate the germs in the clothing.

Trash Deodorizer

If you got bins or sacks of trash which foul and embarrassing smell lingers in your home, soak a tissue in mouthwash and put them in the trash bins or bags of garbage. It will overpower the bad small as it kills the odor-causing bacteria.

Air Freshener

Mouthwash can be your air freshener to remove the strong or bad odor that lingers in the house after cooking.


Fleas Remover

Take care of your pet’s fur while you protect yourself from their fleas. Instead of buying expensive sprays for your cat and dog’s parasites, use the powerful and flexible item in your bathroom – your mouthwash! Mix it in their shampoo.


Soil Purifier

If you love gardening or planting, your mouthwash is an agent that can purify your soil. It clears fungus and molds that grow on the soil of your plants. Just mix it with water and spray on the topsoil once a week.

Flowers’ Freshness Keeper

You can extend the life of your flowers for bouquets and vases by adding two tablespoons of mouthwash in a gallon of water. The flowers will stay fresh and could last longer.