What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is a trending social media app that allows users to watch, create and share short videos. These short videos are addictive for their fun, entertaining, and informative nature. With over 2.5 billion installs and over one billion active users, Tiktok has created a generation of digital stars. This app is widely used by teens and young by heart. It is an outlet to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, comedy, lip-syncing, and storytelling.

Surprisingly, it is not only a medium that lets people show who they are and what they want to do. It also lets creators generate a passive income that is way better than a regular job. However, up to now, many creators are in trouble experimenting on their niche to earn a decent income.

Can you make money on Tiktok?

Yes, you can! There is money on Tiktok.

Tiktok has joined the ranks of social media giants around the globe. It is one of the social media platforms that marketers choose to use for influencer marketing along with YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Pinterest, Snapchat, Blogs, and Twitch. It gives good revenue for content creators especially for the young and hot. But you should not lose hope if you are 25 and up.

With your entrepreneurial and never-giving-up spirit, you can also make big money. There is no straight path to earning on Tiktok but many have figured it out and consider Tiktok as a full-time job.

Be inspired and you will get there. Do you know that the Dancing queen Addison Rae Esterling makes $5 million yearly through the app? She is the highest-paid human on TikTok. So, if you are wise and creative, a successful Tiktok profile can set you up for life.


1. Sponsorships. By partnering with the brands and posting sponsored content, you will receive something in exchange. They can be products, money, or a free trip experience.

2. Partnerships and Collaboration. If you want to row your views and followers, collaborate with the influencers whose niche aligns with your content.

3. Product Advertisements. Use Tiktok to promote your products or merch and you will create money. Post what makes them stand out and include a link to your shop in your bio.

4. Tiktok’s Creator Fund. The TikTok Creator Fund is TikTok’s way of rewarding creators for posting good content. To be eligible for this, you have to be a legal resident of the United States, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy, at least 18 years of age, have 10,000  followers, have video views of 100,000 in the last 30 days, and an account that abides TikTok’s community guidelines.  

5. Virtual Gifts. You only need 1,000 followers to have access to Tiktok Live. Here, your fans may support you by sending you coins to earn diamonds that you can convert to real money. 100 coins are equal to one dollar. Two coins are equal to one diamond. 200 diamonds I equal to one dollar.

Supporters may send any of the following:

  • Panda = 5 coins
  • Italian Hand = 5 coins
  • Love Bang = 25 coins
  • Sun Cream = 50 coins
  • Rainbow Puke = 100 coins
  • Concert = 500 coins
  • I’m very Rick = 1000 coins

Begin by posting non-sponsored content till you gain followers. Use trending music and hashtags. Post at least twice a day on a consistent schedule at a particular niche. It can attract brands to partner with you. Do not forget to engage with your followers by acknowledging their comments to boost your profile.

Do you know that Oral Care Products can help you blow up your Tiktok account?

Tiktok is not only a home for viral Tiktok dance craze and funny videos. It fashioned a great space for all kinds of products that you shop and some of the eye-catching products are kitchen items, skincare items, makeup, and oral care products. Oral care products are one of the top 20 surprisingly useful products that are blowing up on Tiktok along with viral Tiktok beauty items and viral Tiktok lifestyle items. Outside of skincare, TikTok users also seem to be obsessed with oral care too.

Astoundingly, we have Tiktokers or content creators on Tiktok whose profile is blown up by just showing how oral care products like electric toothbrushes are used. Dental Digest is one good example. He has 10 million followers on Tiktok with 204.3 million likes. Likewise, he got 6.98 million subscribers on YouTube, which is a well-known platform that lets you monetize each of your videos. Producing satisfying dental content and comparing the power of one oral care product to another are his video content. On YouTube alone, Social Blade is showing that his channel is earning an estimated income of $75.5k to $1.2M in a month. Take note. Dental Digest, whose real name is Anthony Baroud, an American YouTuber and just a third-year dental student known for making vlogs videos about reviewing oral hygiene products (mostly toothpaste and toothbrushes), is already earning sweet cash and a high amount of revenue because of creating videos about oral care products.

Check out his subscriber milestones.

  • 1 million subscribers: April 1, 2021
  • 2 million subscribers: April 19, 2021
  • 3 million subscribers: May 31, 2021
  • 4 million subscribers: July 17, 2021
  • 5 million subscribers: September 26, 2021

Yes! That’s how fastly-blown it is! Imagine how oral care products could generate you the most lucrative income in the world! What he does is your perfect guide to light up your path in your journey to earning passive income on Tiktok and YouTube.

YouTube and YouTube Shorts

If you are wondering how you can also start earning on YouTube, you just need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Then, you will be accepted to the YouTube Partner Program. You can also receive Shorts bonuses without being in the YouTube Partner Program. Good thing! You can easily gain subscribers on YouTube through Tiktok. It is hitting two birds in one stone!

“What are you waiting for? Choose your first oral care products that will change your life!”