Oral care (particularly toothbrushing) in the United States came to the country way before its independence, and also before the Europeans immigrated to the country. First nations used to clean their teeth using natural products like wooden sticks and chewing on fresh herbs. They had much healthier teeth than the new immigrants. Toothbrushing was not so popular at that time.

Centuries later, the United States has become one of the most populous countries in the world with billions of people and their teeth. But which state has the best toothbrushing habits overall?

To know which state has the best toothbrushing habits, you will need to further dive into this article.

1) States With the Most 2-Minute Brushes 

Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania

Brushing your teeth for two minutes is one of the most important parts of your twice-daily brushing routine. You must have already known that brushing your teeth for two minutes is recommended by dentists. While most people try to follow the pursuit, not everyone makes it to the full *two minutes*.  

According to research, the following states have the highest average of two-minute brushing habits. The highest average comes from Hawaii, followed by New York and Pennsylvania.

2) Early Birds: States With the Earliest Average Toothbrushing Time for the AM Routine

South Dakota, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada

Now that we have learned about the states having a higher average of two-minute brushing time, let’s find out which states have twice-a-day brushing stats. 

Twice a day brushing also has a multitude of benefits,

Now that we’ve gone over two minutes, let’s go over twice-a-day stats. 

To find the earliest average toothbrushing time for AM routines, we looked at the states with the early birds.

The earliest brushing time is found in some of the most naturally beautiful, least urbanized states. South Dakota is on top of the list. Living near Badlands National Park would also make us wake up early. Also high on the list are Hawaii, Maine, and New Hampshire. Perhaps those “AM” brushes are Las Vegas PM brushes…


3) Night Owls: States With the Latest Average Toothbrushing Time for the PM Routine

Nevada, South Dakota

Can you tell me about the least brushers? Well, Nevada is on top. It seems that the Silver State has a theme. Additionally, South Dakota is one of the newest brushers. The state of South Dakota is like the city of New York, which never sleeps.  

4) Overachievers: States With the Most Toothbrushing Achievements Per Person

Washington DC, Hawaii, New York

In that regard, it’s no surprise that the winning state isn’t even a state at all… but an overachieving district. New York and Hawaii have the most brushing achievements per person, followed by our nation’s capital. Honolulu deserves major props for consistently exceeding expectations. Oral care is just something surfers love? No one knows.


There you have it! We have listed the top states with the best brushing habits. Nevertheless, oral hygiene is something to be taken care of. And with the growing technology, we should get our hands on products that can help us achieve the best oral health

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