Do you use a tongue scraper? If not, chances are you don’t see it as an essential oral care tool. If you are like most people, you may have the notion that a toothbrush is all you need to keep your mouth clean. But that isn’t the case. Toothbrushes are great and effective for cleaning the mouth, but they have their limitations. 

A good electric or manual toothbrush may be able to remove plaque and food remains from hard-to-reach areas, but they can’t clean the tongue perfectly. This is where a tongue scraper comes in. It can effortlessly remove grim and bacteria from our tongue. 

Cleaning your tongue regularly should be at the top of your priorities as it can have an impact on your confidence level and oral health. If you have been using a toothbrush to clean your tongue all your life, this article is going to arm you with some reasons why you should start using it. 

Reasons why you should start using a tongue scraper 

Reduce bad breath 

Have you ever wondered what causes bad breath? Dentists have pointed out that some of the bacteria on our tongue are responsible for it. Using a toothbrush to get rid of these bacteria isn’t a good idea. As mentioned above toothbrushes have limitations. They can’t clean our tongues effectively. 

A 2004 study pointed out that a tongue scraper is by far the best tool for cleaning the tongue. The study buttressed that a tongue scraper is way more effective at removing bacteria that cause bad breath than a toothbrush. 

Taste better 

If your tongue isn’t clean, it will be very difficult for you to get a clear taste of foods and drinks. Studies have shown that using a tongue scraper two times daily can help improve our taste. 

You see, the tongue scraper helps to remove the grime and bacteria that may have been blocking your taste buds. As soon as you start using it, you will be able to distinguish between sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and many other sensations better. 

Improve your general health 

Using it can have a positive impact on your general health. A tongue scraper to clean your tongue and remove bacteria. This will reduce the odds of your developing oral conditions like cavities and gum disease. Dentists have pointed out that some of these oral conditions can affect our general health and even cause heart disease. 

Makes your tongue look good 

The grim, food remains, debris, and build-up on your tongue can make it have a white or pale appearance. Using a good one can make your tongue look healthy and clean. 

Misconceptions about tongue scraping 

They are excellent oral care products that offer a lot of benefits. But there are a few misconceptions about them. 

The first is that using a tongue scraper can prevent bad breath all day. Bad breath is caused by bacterial build-up when we consume food and drinks. Even if you use a tongue scraper, you may still develop bad breath later in the day if you eat and drink something. Keep in mind that your bad breath won’t be as bad as those who didn’t use a tongue scraper at all. 

If you are serious about preventing bad breath, you may need to scrape your tongue after each meal.

The second misconception is that a toothbrush can do the job of a tongue scraper. Studies have shown that a tongue scraper can remove grim, debris, and sulfur compounds much better than toothbrushes. This doesn’t mean that toothbrushes can clean the tongue. But they are not effective.  

Final note 

It is an important dental care product that can reduce bad breath, improve your taste, make your tongue look great, and improve your general health. Toothbrushes just can’t take their place.