You may be putting off seeing the dentist anytime soon! It’s understandable as you may not have such fond memories at the dental office.

But, it’s vital to take care of your oral health. You can’t neglect taking care of your teeth.

Here are seven reasons to see your dentist today or maybe book an appointment when your dentist wants to see you!

Here it goes:

#1. There Is A New Cavity

If you notice a new cavity, it’s time to see your dentist right away, especially if the cavity appears prominent. The sooner you address the issue, the better it would be for your oral health.

If you don’t want to regret it later, it’s best to fill up the cavities as soon as possible! Whether you or the kids, make sure you see your dentist as quickly as possible. Today is the best! It’s always best to keep an eye on your kids’ oral health, especially if they don’t clean their teeth properly. The new cavity may bother the kids and be too painful to handle!


#2. Cavity Pain Doesn’t Go Away

If you have an old cavity, but the pain doesn’t disappear, you may try using over-the-counter medicines. Usually, the pain subsides when you take the pain killer, but it’s time to see your dentist right away if the pain doesn’t go away.

If the pain in your cavity is persistent, there could be a fracture or a blow causing it. No matter what’s the case, you must see your dentist as soon as possible. If your kid is suffering from pain, you can try giving an over-the-counter pain killer that’s safe for the kids. However, it’s hard to see the kids in so much pain, so you must quickly see your dentist right away.

#3. There Is An Issue With An Old Filling

You may have a few old fillings, but there is an issue today. You may feel a throbbing pain at that site, or your tooth could be extra sensitive. No matter the case, it’s best to let the dentist be your judge.

Even though it’s your mouth and teeth, you may never know what’s going on until your dentist sorts it out. If your kids complain of pain in the old filling, let your dentist check it for you and see the problem. At times, you may not know what’s going on, and your dentist would be able to tell.


#4. Your Gums Are Bleeding

If your gums have been sensitive for some time and bleeding non-stop, it’s best to see your dentist. But, of course, it’s always better to rule out the possibility of any underlying issue. If there is an underlying issue, try resolving it with your dentist’s help. Of course, how you maintain your oral hygiene counts the most.

Get a thorough checkup from your dentist from time to time. It’s always better to be on the safe side. You never know what’s next in life, so why take the risk. Always try to keep yourself healthy and if there is an issue, contact your dentist right away.


#5. Your Wisdom Tooth Hurts A Lot

If your wisdom tooth starts hurting unexpectedly and the pain killer won’t work, there could be a possible fracture. If the tooth is impacted or has severe damage, you may need to extract it.

While some people may keep extraction as a last resort, it would be the only way to keep yourself safe from the pain. However, this pain could be unbearable! So, contact your dentist right away in case of an emergency. If the pain doesn’t go away, tell your dentist about it.


#6. There Is Unexplained Pain In Your Jaw

If you suffer from TMJ, you may find your jaw in pain, or you may not know about any issue yet. If you can’t open your jaw correctly, or there is an unexplainable pain, and you are unsure whether it’s from your tooth or any other place, it’s best to consult with your dentist.

Your dentist knows your history and thus, would be able to guide you in the right direction. It’s best to let your dentist help you in this scenario. There is no point in using home remedies when the pain is too much and unbearable for you.


#7. Your Tooth Feels Weird

It’s time to see your dentist, right if your tooth feels weird. For example, you may notice a change in the tooth color or if it’s wiggling. It could happen after a blow or if you hit your tooth too hard. It’s better not to take any chances and see your dentist as fast as possible.

Call your dentist’s office to get the appointment. If you find it hard to get a slot, explain your situation.

Tips to Keep In Mind for Your Oral Health

Keeping your oral health in check is vital for your well-being. You may brush your teeth every day and think it’s enough, but there could be a lot you need to keep in mind.

Consider the following:

  • Visit your dentist for regular checkups to keep your oral health in check.
  • Your dentist knows what’s best for your oral health. So, go with the recommendation of your dentist.
  • It’s vital to find a reliable dentist so that you can quickly resolve your oral issues!
  • Find an easily available dentist. You don’t want to risk your oral health with someone too busy to attend to you or help you with cavities and toothaches.

The tips above would help you to some extent. First, however, you must know what’s best for your oral health.

Wrapping It Up

There are many reasons to see your dentist today. However, it would help if you continually keep your oral health well. Your dentist knows what works best for your oral health and, thus, would be able to give you the best advice. Make sure you follow the recommendations from your dentist.