If you are always too tired to clean your teeth at night, you are putting your oral health at risk. Dentists recommend brushing twice daily to reduce the bacterial load, plaque, and food that remains in our mouth. Brushing in the morning isn’t a problem for most people as they are active and energetic. 

When it comes to brushing at night, many people struggle. The stress from work and family may make you too tired to clean your teeth. Most people think that not brushing for one night won’t have a serious impact on their oral health. While this is true, you need to keep in mind that bad habits build. This means that if you skip brushing one time, you are likely going to do it again and again. If this continues, you are going to be prone to some serious dental health conditions. 

This article is going to shed light on the dangers of not brushing at night and some tips that will help you never miss brushing your teeth at night. 

Clean your teeth at night to prevent some oral issues

Most oral health conditions are preventable. Following a good oral care routine can make a huge difference in the condition of your teeth and gum health. Below are some issues you may experience when you start to skip brushing your teeth at night. 

Permanent damage to your teeth 

When you consume food during the day the bacteria in your mouth will feast on it and excrete waste products. These wastes are very acidic. So if you don’t brush your teeth at night, the acidic waste may corrode your teeth. Even more, it can make you more likely to develop gum disease and tooth decay

Affect the color of your teeth

Having white teeth can boost your confidence and make you smile freely. Not brushing before going to bed may ruin your white teeth. You see, if you don’t brush your teeth on time, the plaque that is present on your teeth will harden. When this happens, you won’t be able to remove them even if you brush your teeth. You may need to see a dentist to remove the hardened tar. 

Your general health is at stake 

It is easy to assume that not brushing at night will only affect your oral health. But that is far from the truth. Studies have shown that some oral health conditions can also affect our general health and make us prone to developing conditions like heart disease. 

Bad breath 

Brushing before going to bed is a surefire way to prevent bad breath.

Tips that will help you when you are too tired to clean your teeth at night 

Keep your toothbrush close 

If your bamboo toothbrush is within arm’s reach, you may be more likely to stand up and brush your teeth. So get a second toothbrush and keep it close to your bed. 

Think about what you ate 

A simple way to motivate yourself to brush your teeth when you are tired is to think about the drinks and food you eat. If you remember that you ate unhealthy foods and drank sugary drinks that can cause dental issues, you are likely not going to skip brushing your teeth. 

Brush your teeth on time

See, you don’t have to wait till you are very tired and about to go to bed before brushing your teeth. It is best you brush your teeth and floss as soon as you are done eating your dinner. 


If you are way too tired to brush your teeth, then you should use mouthwash. Note that mouthwash may not be able to remove all the plaque, grime, and food that remains in your mouth 

Final note 

See, you are going to need willpower to make yourself brush your teeth when you are tired at night. Brushing early, thinking about what you eat, and keeping your toothbrush close to your bed will also help ensure that you never skip brushing your teeth at night. Using mouthwash should be a last resort when you are way too tired to brush your teeth.