Have you ever had a mouth ulcer?  Canker sores are very painful.  It’s so painful, you can’t drink or eat.  Hot, sour, spicy and other excitant food should not be eaten.  Seriously, you can’t work and study well, even can not sleep a whole night. Some people even need to experience this pain once a month.

How is oral ulcer caused ?  

1 Shortage of water in the body.  There are many capillaries under the tongue, where the arteries and veins exchange blood vessels.  Canker sores can occur if there is not enough water, causing widespread dehydration.  So we need to develop the habit of drinking more water, especially when the weather is dry. 

2 Lack of vitamins.  Life pressure, busy work, resulting in the human body lack of a lot of vitamins and trace elements.  Lack of vitamin B and vitamin E can lead to mouth ulcers.  

3 Caused by trauma.  This refers to damage to the inside of the mouth caused by a toothbrush or sharp food cut, scraping or food being too hot. Inflammation of the cut can cause canker sores.  

4 Genetic causes.  If your parents often get canker sores, the genes you get from them may give you canker sores, too.  Can you image that?

Can you brush your teeth when you got mouth ulcers?  The answer is yes.  Use a soft bristle toothbrush and gently brush your teeth up and down.  Avoid the wounds to avoid secondary injuries.  Choose toothpastes that are less irritating to avoid causing pain.  Brush your teeth to maintain a good oral environment and speed up healing.  Otherwise, it may delay the healing time of oral ulcers and even aggravate them.  

Canker sores are painful, but the good news is that they heal on their own, but they can take 7 days.  If mouth sores are severe, medications can be used to relieve the pain.  Use mouthwash with anti-inflammatory ingredients.  If not, use warm, lightly salted water instead.  Drug gels are also a good choice, which can paralyze the area, reduce inflammation, and protect the wound.  You’d better not drink or eat for half an hour after applying the medicine.  That’s how you get the most out of it.  

Another is to control the diet.  All spicy, pungent food should not be eaten.  Hard, sharp food should not be eaten.  Such as potato chips, shellfish and so on.  It’s better to eat soft, list foods.  Vegetables and fruits are good choices.  Desert, though soft, are high in sugar, which can breed mouth bacteria and make them inedible.  

Although canker sores can heal on their own, don’t ignore them.  If it lasts for 2 weeks, it is still not good, or frequent oral ulcers.  See your doctor right away because it could be a sign of oral cancer.