There are three types of toothbrush heads to choose from. The first is the traditional “SMART” head that is geared toward younger children. This type of toothbrush is made out of stainless steel material and can reach up to a 30 degree angle when you are brushing. This is perfect for the younger kids who will be using this toothbrush. This type of brush has a large bristles and is very effective at cleaning those difficult to reach areas.
The next type is the “SOAP” head which is geared more towards older children and teenagers. This type of brush is made from a very soft nylon material that allows it to feel more like your natural teeth. This type of brush is also very effective at cleaning those hard to reach places. It also will not irritate your gums or lips unlike the SMART toothbrush.
The last type of brush is the “RING” brush. This is the oldest type of brush and still popular today. These brushes are usually made from brass and they reach a maximum angle of thirty degrees. This type of brush helps get rid of food particles that your teeth will not be able to clean off easily. These brushes are often replaced by the “SMART” or “SOAP” type of toothbrush.
Once you have found the perfect type of toothbrush that fits your personal taste and style, it is time to begin brushing. To start, make sure you have a separate brush for brushing your front teeth. Using this brush, start brushing the top row of teeth. You will begin by brushing the back and forth motion. After you have brushed the entire row of teeth, move onto the next teeth.
Another important thing to do before brushing is to rinse your mouth with warm water. This will help loosen any of the food particles that are stuck to the bristles of the toothbrush. When you are done rinsing your mouth, turn your toothbrush upside down. It will take some effort to do this, but it is very important to do this so that you can remove any food that might be lodged in the bristles of your brush.
Toothbrush maintenance is very important. If you do not brush regularly, you will find that your teeth will become more difficult to clean when you do brush. Do not expect your toothbrush to do all the work, though. You will need to purchase special tools to help you brush your teeth. You can purchase a device that has a special sensor that will activate a battery so that it is ready for when you are using it. These are by far the most useful types of toothbrush that you can purchase.