We brush our teeth every day, and it is inevitable to use toothpaste. The correct use of toothpaste can not only remove bad breath but also ensure the cleanliness of the oral cavity. But, have you used the right toothpaste these years? At the same time, in addition to teeth, what do you know about the magical effects of toothpaste?

Misunderstanding 1: Drug toothpaste to dental disease

    The medicated toothpaste contains a few medicinal ingredients, and some toothpaste is named by Chinese medicine. Some people mistakenly believe that medicated toothpaste contains medicines, of course, can cure diseases”, so they use it to treat dental diseases. As a result, the condition was delayed. The main components of medicated toothpaste are the same as ordinary toothpaste. The difference is that a small amount of chemical antibacterial, fungicides, or certain Chinese herbal medicines are added, and the general content is below 1%, no more than 2%.

    So the use of drug toothpaste can only play a limited role to a certain extent, and cannot completely replace oral health care and treatment. Therefore, while choosing various types of toothpaste in a targeted manner, people with dental diseases must not forget the daily oral health care and regular inspections and treatments at oral professional health institutions.

Misunderstanding 2: The type of toothpaste should be changed every month

    Toothpaste is generally divided into four categories, desensitization toothpaste, Chinese medicine toothpaste, anti-inflammatory toothpaste, and ordinary toothpaste. Among them, anti-inflammatory toothpaste cannot be used for a long time. It is recommended to replace it every month. Desensitization toothpaste can be used for a long time.

    Misunderstanding 3: The toothbrush is dipped in water when squeezing toothpaste

    When most people brush their teeth, they habitually moisten the toothbrush before squeezing toothpaste. But, if the toothbrush is wet, after squeezing the toothpaste, it will easily foam. If there is too much foam in the mouth, people will feel that they have been brushing for a long time and think it is over. At this time, the teeth have not been brushed clean.

    Misunderstanding 4: Use a tube of toothpaste for the whole family

    Everyone’s mouth is an environment where many kinds of bacteria exist. Usually, when we brush our teeth carefully, we only reduce the bacteria on the surface of the teeth. It is impossible to eliminate them, especially in the gaps between the toothbrush bristles. If a family uses a tube of toothpaste, the bacteria in everyone’s mouth will gather at the mouth of the tube and then be taken away by someone else’s toothbrush. Therefore, the more people use the same tube of toothpaste, the more bacteria will accumulate in the mouth of the toothpaste tube, and the higher the probability of bacterial transmission.

    Do you know the magical effects of toothpaste?

    1. Decontaminate clothes

    Sweat stains on the shirt are difficult to remove. If you wash it with soap, the shirt may become yellower and yellower. At this time, you can squeeze the toothpaste on the stain, and then gently brush it with a toothbrush, it will be cleaned quickly, and there will be no marks.

    2. Relieve itching

Traveling (especially to the countryside or mountains) will not escape the pain of being bitten by mosquitoes. At this time, apply toothpaste on the itchy area, and the effect of itching is immediate. This is because the saliva of mosquitoes is acidic and the skin is weakly acidic, so it feels itchy, while toothpaste is alkaline, which can neutralize acidity and achieve the effect of anti-itch.

    3. Pain relief

    The essence of toothpaste contains an analgesic effect. If you have headaches and dizziness, you can apply some toothpaste on the temples, preferably mint type.

    4. Invigorate blood

    If it is in the cold autumn and winter and you find that your hands and feet are suffering from redness and swelling due to freezing, you can apply toothpaste on a cloth and rub it on the swelling area. This can help promote blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis, and relieve the itching symptoms caused by frostbite. However, the part to be wiped must not be broken.

    5. Anti-inflammatory

    Some toothpaste can reduce swelling because it can reduce inflammation.