To keep your teeth clean, you have to brush them with a bamboo toothbrush regularly and floss. Following an oral care routine can also help prevent oral conditions like tooth decay, cavities, and bad breath.

While brushing is important, it may not always be enough to keep your teeth healthy. You may develop some mild or severe conditions even when you clean your teeth regularly. 

As soon as you notice any form of oral issues, it is best you consult your orthodontist. These professionals can narrow down the cause of the issue and figure out the best way to address it. 

You don’t have to wait till things get out of hand before seeking help. This article will unveil some common signs that you should see an orthodontist

Visit an Orthodontist if you notice any of these Signs

Jaw pain 

There are a handful of issues that can make you experience jaw ache. Misplaced teeth, an accident, and a few other things can be the cause of it. An orthodontist can help determine what’s causing the pain and recommend medications or a procedure to address it. 

Teeth pain

Teeth pain can be a sign of other dental issues. So you should never ignore it, even if it is mild. Teeth pain can be caused by everything from gum disease to infection. Chronic stress can also cause it. 

Ignoring your teeth pain is never a good idea as it may become severe and start to affect your speaking and eating. 

Snoring and mouth breathing 

If you recently started snoring and breathing through your mouth, you should visit an orthodontist quickly. Studies have shown that mouth breathing and snoring can be caused by misaligned jaws, enlarged tonsils, and deviated septum. An orthodontist can use a plate expander, braces, and a few other dental appliances to fix the snoring and help you breathe through your nose. 

Difficulty eating 

Eating should be an enjoyable experience. You should be able to chew your foods and swallow them without any issues. If you happen to experience pain or discomfort while chewing, chances are, something is wrong. Overcrowded teeth and teeth alignment issues may be the cause of the problem. An orthodontist will be able to recommend the treatment and appliance to address it. 

Gaped teeth

Are there large gaps between your teeth? Are you bothered by it? If yes, you should consider visiting an orthodontist to help close these gaps. As soon as the gaps are closed, your smile and confidence will increase. And even if you aren’t bothered by the gaps between your teeth, you should still consider closing them. Having gaps between your teeth can increase the risk of an infection.

Persistent bad breath 

It is normal to have mild bad breath at some point during the day, especially if you eat food that contains garlic or onion. However, if you experience bad breath shortly after brushing your teeth and flossing, you should seek help. 

The reason for your persistent bad breath may be caused by the placement of your teeth. If there happen to be gaps between your teeth, you will become prone to infection that may affect your breath. An orthodontist can help close the gap and address the infection. 

Crowded teeth 

Most people with crowed teeth are bothered by it. If you are in this boat, you should visit an orthodontist. Even if you aren’t concerned about how it looks, you should still take steps to fix it. Having crowed teeth can make it difficult for you to chew food properly. Even more, food particles can easily get stuck between your teeth. 

Final note 

Regardless of the condition of your teeth, you must visit a dentist every couple of months. If you happen to notice any of the signs listed above you should make an appointment with your orthodontist. Never should you ignore any pain or discomfort you experience when eating or chewing. It could be a sign of stress and other health conditions.