Manual toothbrushes are the go-to option for most people, as they are reliable and durable. Granted, they don’t have fancy features, but they get the job done. 

Electric toothbrushes are great and can improve your brushing experience, but they have a few issues that may can’t cope with. Choosing to use an electric toothbrush means signing up to pay for its parts when they are faulty. As you likely know, electric toothbrushes need to be charged to function. If you happen to forget to charge them, you won’t be able to brush your teeth

Switching to the best manual toothbrush means that you won’t have to worry about any of these issues. 

This article is going to explore some benefits you will enjoy when you switch to a manual toothbrush. 

Reasons why you should start using a manual toothbrush 

Manual toothbrushes don’t make noise 

Let’s face it, electric toothbrushes are somewhat noisy. As soon as you turn them on, you are going to hear a buzzing sound. This may not be a major issue if you live alone. But if you have roommates, you may wake them up each time you turn it in the morning or at night. 

If you switch to a manual toothbrush you won’t have to worry about this issue. You see, manual toothbrushes are quiet and compact. So they don’t make any noise that will draw the attention of people when you are using it. 

Perfect for kids 

Manual toothbrushes are a better option for kids as they are easy to use. Using a manual toothbrush can help kids improve their motor skills and develop the habit of brushing. 

Electric toothbrushes may be fun to use, but they aren’t suitable for little kids. According to the CDA, Kids below the age of 3 should not use electric toothbrushes. There is no such restriction for manual toothbrushes. 

Manual toothbrushes are available in many colors and designs that kids will love. 

They are travel-friendly 

Manual toothbrushes are lightweight and portable. This means you can take them with you during your travels. 

Electric toothbrushes are great, but traveling with them is a pain. Most models on the market have a bulky base that may not fit into your zip lock bag. 

If you plan on traveling light, a manual toothbrush will be a better option for you.

They are Budget Friendly

Even if you are on a tight budget, you will still be able to buy a good manual toothbrush. Most manual toothbrushes on the market are inexpensive. You can get your hands on high-end models for a few bucks. Since they are cheap, you can easily replace them after using them for a while. 

Electric toothbrushes are somewhat expensive, especially the flagship models with many impressive features. 

Keep in mind that the batteries and other replacement parts for electric toothbrushes are also expensive. So you are going to keep spending if you want to keep using them. 

Always Available 

Regardless of where you travel to you, can be confident that you can get your hand on a manual toothbrush. You can’t say the same about electric toothbrushes as they aren’t available in most stores. You can’t only get your hands on top-quality models from reputable stores or online. 

Final note 

Of course, you have the freedom to choose any type of toothbrush. But if you need something easy to use and reliable. A manual toothbrush will be a good pick for you. Electric toothbrushes are also great, but they are expensive and somewhat difficult to maintain.