Most people know that you should replace your toothbrush every three months. But few of them have considered how to best care for it in the meantime. You often wash and disinfect your towel, and your toothbrush should be no different. After all, you use your toothbrush to scrub food off your teeth and tongue every day. Then you rinse it with water and shake it. Do you think this is going to remove the germs and residue from your toothbrush? It is necessary to choose the right way to disinfect your toothbrush twice a week. Consider integrating a weekly brush cleaning into your routine to keep you and your mouth healthy.

1 Soak bristles in mouthwash

This is the simplest and most effective way. I’m sure you have a bottle of mouthwash at home. Allow the head of your toothbrush to soak in a small cup of mouthwash for a few minutes. The soaking time is very important. Half an hour is best. Then you will get a squeaky clean and smell minty fresh toothbrush. But don’t forget to rinse it before your next use.

2 Kill the bacteria with boil water

Mothers often sterilize baby milk bottles with boiling water. You can also disinfect your toothbrush like this. Boil a small pot of water on the stove and dip the head of your toothbrush in the rolling boil for at least three minutes to kill most germs. Make sure to rinse your brush under cold water afterward to bring it back to a safe temperature and wait a few more minutes before using it to avoid burns!

3 Store your toothbrush properly

Where do you store your toothbrush? Do you keep it away from the sink or toilet? Many of us like to use a toothbrush cover to keep bacteria outside. Does it help? I’m afraid not. While a toothbrush cover may help protect your toothbrush from outside germs, it traps in moisture, leading to bacteria growth. You should remove and throw away those covers. Keep your brush upright in a cup to allow water to drip away, and store that cup in an open cupboard. Airflow will help the toothbrush to dry and avoid growing bacteria.

4 Buy a UV Sanitizer

The most reliable and effective to kill germs is to use UV sanitizer. That’s why hospitals and laboratories prefer to.UV sanitizers can kill 99% of bacteria in few minutes. There are a few great in-home sanitizers on the market, it’s easy to buy them. The only drawback is that it is an expensive option.

After reading the above, other users asked the following questions.

How do you kill germs on a toothbrush?

The most basic go-to method is to place your toothbrush in boiling water for about 3 minutes, which can kill most germs.

How long do germs live on the toothbrush?

Flu viruses may survive on the toothbrush for up to 2-3 days. You needn’t throw out your toothbrush, because they’re your germs. But you can’t share your toothbrush with others, the flue may send to them.

How to disinfect a toothbrush with vinegar?

Mix 1/2 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and a 1/2 scoop of baking soda. Place your toothbrush in this for 30 minutes.

How to clean a toothbrush with baking soda?

Soak your toothbrush in a cup of water with 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Baking soda has antibacterial activity and has been found to kill bacteria that are a major contributor to tooth decay.

How to clean a toothbrush after someone else use it?

Soak your toothbrush in a cup of water with 2 teaspoons of baking soda.

How to disinfect toothbrush after strep?

To determine the most effective method to kill the strep. Dentists choose seven of the most common methods to disinfect toothbrushes. They found that mouthwash for 20 minutes and a normal dishwasher cycle are the most effective methods to eradicate germs from contaminated toothbrushes.

How to disinfect toothbrush after covid?

You should throw out your toothbrush instead of how to disinfect it.

How to clean an electric toothbrush?

You can disinfect the electric toothbrush head the same way that you sanitize a regular toothbrush. Detached the brush head from the toothbrush, then soak the bristle in boiling water for 3 minutes.