Charcoal toothpastes are quickly one of the newest fads in oral care. No, not the type of charcoal you grill with either. Instead, charcoal toothpastes are designed to kill germs in ways that regular toothpastes cannot. However, many dentists are cautious to recommend them due to several reasons. One is the fact that these toothpastes may contain small amounts of tarter which can irritate the gums. The irritation causes swelling and the tooth becomes even more sensitive.

As with any toothbrush, it’s important to brush your teeth twice daily with a good quality toothpaste. And no, you do not have to throw out your old charcoal toothbrush or replace it with a new one. There are toothbrush heads available that are made of plastic and render the same effect. It only takes a minute to spray a little on your toothbrush and you are set to start brushing. The best part is that by doing this, you will be reaping the health benefits that come from brushing using charcoal brushes.

Charcoal bristle toothbrushes contain activated carbon which has been shown to kill bacteria that could lead to bad breath. Some dentists have been saying for years that brushing is good for your gums. In fact, they say that constant toothbrush scrubbing removes plaque, which is bad for your teeth. This is especially true for people who have gum disease. If you brush regularly, the bacteria are dislodged from your mouth and you will enjoy a healthy mouth with less bacteria.

The problem is that not all of the bacteria are killed when you brush. Many of the bacteria are unable to be killed because they are small enough. They can grow and remain on your teeth without being seen. But Charcoal Toothbrush can help you remove these small bacteria that cause bad breath. But, you also need to make sure that you are brushing regularly in order to reduce the bacteria to a harmless level.

It has been found that activated charcoal works better than ordinary toothpaste. The reason behind is that ordinary toothbrush bristles do not have the right ingredients for killing bacteria. The Charcoal Toothbrush bristles have been pre-treated with different ingredients that allow it to kill bacteria effectively. The latest technology has enabled Charcoal to use the best natural ingredient that is known as Charcoal Powder.

Charcoal powder helps you remove the bacteria’s root. You will feel an immediate difference in your oral hygiene after brushing your teeth with Charcoal Toothbrush. There is no need to use any other kind of toothpaste after brushing your teeth with it. It does not make your mouth dry. You will find yourself using less of your toothbrush and using this helps you get rid of bacteria and bad stuff that harm your gums.