Hi!My dear friends.Glad to meet you. I am a toothbrush from China. Please look at me, I am so beautiful and elegant. My hair(bristle)is so soft, made of Dupont. The soft bristles protect your tender gum from irritation and effectively remove the surface stains on your teeth. Specially designed cleaning tips can reach back teeth and hard-to-reach areas where bacterial hide. My body (handle) is graceful, made of PP material with soft rubber. This curve design is easy and comfortable for you to gripe when you brush your teeth. Today, I want to tell about my story.

 I am produced from a Chinese toothbrush manufacturing company, with thousands of my brothers and sisters. This company is specialized manufacture of oral toothbrushes with over 15 years of experience. When I open my eyes, I see a worker with a mask, disinfecting me, packing with a blister card, putting me into a carton box. Drifting on the ocean for about 10 days, I and my brothers and sisters arrive in a new country, the USA. I am hanging it on the shelf for sale. In this supermarket, I meet a lot of new friends, such as an electric toothbrush from the USA, a toothpaste from Japan, a mouthwash from Thailand. We talk a lot, from how to care to teeth and gums to social customs of each country when the supermarket was closed. Many people pass me every day, they are so different from anyone I’d seen before. Some of them stopped, picked me up, and looked at me for a while. At this moment, I’m nervous and exciting, hoping they’ll choose me, but worrying about losing my new friends.  

One day, a hand with nail polish picked me up and heard a pleasant voice, “Oh, made in China, I like it.” A pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes picked me up and took me into her neat little apartment.  I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my new friends.  After a week here, I began to learn a few things about my master.  She is a beautiful young girl from a small town in America. She loves singing and her dream is to become a singer.  Every day before brushing, she would grab me and imagine me as a microphone to sing a song. Or listen to music while she brushing her teeth.   I also met a lot of new friends, cosmetics, comb, and of course, my best friend was a toothpaste from Japan.  He is my best partner, we work together every day to bring my master fresh breath and a beautiful smile.  I like my master, and the happiest time is being with her.  Listen to her sing, watch her makeup.  But she wasn’t always happy, crying in the bathroom because she fought with her boyfriend.  Depressed because she failed her job interview, trapped herself, and didn’t leave the house for days.  I enjoy my life.  Until one day, my good friend Toothpaste said goodbye to me sadly.  Because running out of toothpaste, it would end up in the trash.  It was replaced by a new toothpaste.  I realized that as a toothbrush, I have a life cycle.  My usage time is 3 months.  It’s something that can’t be changed.  I don’t need to grieve too much.  As time goes by,  My soft hair begins to fray and stiff, can’t stand up straight. I know it’s my time now. My worn bristles aren’t going to be effective at removing plaque and other particles from teeth.  On my 36th day in this apartment, a new beautiful bamboo toothbrush replaced me, it is also made in China. And my master throws me in the trash. This is my story. I come from China, but I travel to faraway places.  Stories like this happen every day around the world.  Made in China has spread all over the world.  I am proud to be made in China.